About Us

Life on the Line is...

A one-of-a-kind bait delivery service servicing the Florida Keys. My name is Matthew Braden Angell and I am the Owner/Operator of Life on the Line. Originally from Tampa, Florida, I have been fishing all of my life. From all the years on the water, I have come to appreciate the importance of quality bait. I have spent countless hours searching for bait, learning how to catch, keep, and use it. In doing so, I have learned how difficult that can be. I also understand that when people come to the Keys to go fishing they don't want to spend hours looking for live bait or buy low-end, frozen bait that has been in the freezer for centuries. We want to provide the best bait for fishermen, because less time catching bait is more time fishing. We deliver all of our live bait orders to your boat or bait pen via truck and guarantee live delivery on all orders.

If you're a tournament fisherman or just down for vacation, give Life on the Line a call to book a delivery today!

Why Choose Us?

Quality and Customer Service are the two most important aspects of our business. We are committed to our customers and will do anything and answer any questions you might have. We apply the most modern technology in our fish holding facility to ensure the bait you buy is happy and healthy. We put all of our live bait through a curing process to weed out the weaker, sickly individuals so that only the healthiest and liveliest go out to our customers. Our bait is fed a high protein diet so they stay as energetic and as lively as can be. 

Whether you're fishing a big tournament,  meat fishing, or simply out on the water with the family, bait can be the key to success. Whatever fish you are targeting there is a species of bait that will have the fish licking their lips. From snook to sailfish, every game fish has their favorite, and Life on the Line has a bait for you. Have a great day and tight lines.

The Fleet

Parker 2520
Carolina Skiff 24DLX
14' Twinvee Bully Net Boat