Welcome to Life on the Line

A one-of-a-kind Premium Bait Delivery Service - Servicing the Florida Keys. 

My name is Matthew Braden Angell and I am the Owner/Operator of Life on the Line. Originally from Tampa, Florida, I have been fishing all of my life. From all the years on the water, I have come to appreciate the importance of quality bait. I have spent countless hours searching for bait; learning how to catch, keep, and use it. In doing so, I have learned how difficult that can be. I also understand that when people come to the Keys to go fishing they don't want to spend hours looking for live bait or buy low-end, frozen bait that has been in the freezer for centuries.

About Us

What we can do for you

  • Delivery

    Life on the Line specializes in live bait delivery. Unlike your regular bait shop, we carry many species that until now were unavailable for purchase in the Florida Keys. 

  • Live Bait Pen Rental

    We are now offering Bait Cage rentals to our customers. Bait Cages are a great way to keep extra bait alive for re-use whether you live on the water or are staying at a hotel with a marina.

  • Custom Holding System Design for Residential or Commercial Installation

    We specialize in custom holding system designs for all types of baits, installed for residential or commercial use. Reach out to us today to schedule a free consultation to determine the best custom holding system for your bait needs.

  • Live Bait Well Rental

    Life on the Line provides Live Bait Well Rentals to our customers. We will set you up with a 12v aerator that circulates water while you are on plane. Once you stop the boat, simply throw the pump overboard into the water and it will work just like a standard livewell.

Live Bait

Life on the Line is here to provide high quality live bait to fishermen in the Florida Keys.